It’s On! Chelsea Handler Gives Joy Reid A Run For Her Money On Achieving Peak Stupidity Over Manchin Let Down

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Condescending liberals are still experiencing political PTSD after U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WVA.) announced that he is a no vote on the massive Biden administration spending spree known as the Build Back Better plan.

Case in point: Joy Reid, MSNBC’s resident conspiracy theorist and COVID alarmist, the Harvard University graduate that Tucker Carlson has dubbed “the race lady” and Jason Whitlock has renamed Racial Maddow.

The now-repentant Andrew Cuomo fangirl and comedienne Chelsea Handler also chimed in, but both discovered that social media was hardly receptive to their insight, such as it is, about current events.

Manchin has said of BBB that “if I can’t go home and explain it to the people of West Virginia, I can’t vote for it,” particularly underscoring the already-soaring, rampant inflation that is harming his constituents.

Reid took to Twitter with another apparent conspiracy theory, which also contained a not-so-veiled reference to GOP Sens. Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul of Kentucky in addition to Manchin.

Obviously, poverty (and other social ills) is also in many jurisdictions controlled by Democrats, including those blue enclaves within red states.

Handler followed Reid’s take with this brilliance:

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