Chinatown murder suspect remanded as prosecutors reveal victim was stabbed over 40 times

New York Post

The homeless man accused of killing Christina Yuna Lee inside her Chinatown apartment was ordered held without bail at his Monday night arraignment after prosecutors claimed the fiend stabbed Yuna Lee more than 40 times.

Manhattan Criminal Court Judge Jay Weiner granted the district attorney’s request to remand Assamad Nash, 25, who was charged with murdering the 35-year-old creative producer and leaving her butchered inside her bathtub after following her home early Sunday.

Prosecutors also charged Nash with sexually motivated burglary – shedding light on a potential motive in the grisly crime.

While arguing the government’s case, Assistant District Attorney Dafna Yoran said Nash attempted to deter police from entering Yuna Lee’s apartment by imitating a woman’s voice.

“We don’t need the police here – go away,” Nash told police, according to Yoran, as he barricaded himself inside the apartment for roughly an hour-and-a-half before NYPD’s Emergency Service Unit busted the door down.

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