Christmas Gifts From Trumps Leave Severely Injured 7-Yr-Old MO Girl Who Lost Sister In Tornado Filled With Joy

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A severely injured seven-year-old little girl, who lost her nine-year-old sister in a devastating tornado in Missouri this month, squealed in delight as she received boxes of surprise Christmas gifts from Donald and Melania Trump to lift her spirits.

Avalinn Rackley was videoed by her grandmother, Pam Moore, with two large boxes of presents just weeks after the child lost her older sister and best friend Annistyn in the storm that also critically injured her mother and destroyed her home in Caruthersville, Missouri on December 10.

“These boxes came in the mail, and they are from… President Trump! Both of these boxes. Can you believe it?” Moore tells Avalinn who squeals and smiles in delight.

“Oh my God! No, I can’t!” the little girl screamed happily looking at the boxes. She was wearing a back brace and matching Christmas onesies with her dad, Trent Rackley. Both her dad and younger sister, Alana, suffered minor injuries.

“Donald and Melania Trump sent a package! They got hats signed by Donald Trump, Presidential blankets, American Girl Dolls, books signed by President Trump and Melania, pens, bracelets and so much more!” Moore excitedly declared on Facebook Christmas Day.

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