CNN Goes Viral For Playing Poorly-Timed Applebee’s Commercial As Air Raid Sirens Blare In Ukraine

The Daily Caller

CNN ran an incredibly poorly-timed commercial Thursday morning.

During coverage of Russia invading Ukraine, CNN was showing air raid sirens going off in Kyiv amid violence across the country, but it wasn’t all negative vibes.

The channel did a split screen commercial for Applebee’s with the Zac Brown Band song “Chicken Fried” playing and a guy dancing. You can check it out below.

I don’t want to make a joke out of a very serious situation, but the reason that video is all over Twitter is because it’s truly incredible.

On one part of the screen, air raid sirens are blasting amid a massive invasion being carried out by Russian military forces and on the other side, we have a little Zac Brown Band music promoting a mid-tier restaurant.

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