CNN suffers biggest ratings dip in SEVEN YEARS

Daily Mail

CNN’s ratings continue to slip in primetime to their lowest numbers in seven years, despite a public about face on sensationalism and opinion shows under new boss Chris Licht.

The network, promised by Licht to ‘go a different way’ during a time ‘where extremes are dominating cable news’, appear to still be in the tank even during a month that saw the blockbuster January 6 hearings.

Despite the hearings, which drew tens of millions of viewers across multiple networks, CNN had fewer viewers in June than it did in May, which continued a months-long downward slope for the network since the invasion of Ukraine lifted them in March.

While the three major cable news outlets – CNN, Fox News and MSNBC – have all seem some declines since former President Trump left office, the numbers for CNN continue to disintegrate at an alarming rate.

CNN, which moved under Warner Discovery leadership in April, drew an average of just 654,000 viewers in primetime in June and 487,000 for one entire newsday, down one and three percent respectively.

During the committee hearings week of June 13-19, the network averaged just 480,000 viewers, the network’s worst ratings week since November 2015 and down 13 percent from those May averages.

Overall, June 2022 was the lowest-rated month for 24-hour viewership on CNN since July 2015, according to The Daily Beast.

By contrast, MSNBC – which had the highest ratings for the hearings on cable – averaged 1.28million viewers in primetime, up 26 percent from May. Fox News also had a better second quarter than they did in 2021.

CNN finished 12th among basic cable networks in both May and June. While ESPN and TNT were dominant due to their coverage of the NBA and NHL Playoffs, that still puts them behind several of their non-sports competitors.

It’s a far cry from the last days of the Trump administration, which saw the network finished tops on cable in 2020 and dispatched rival Fox News to third place.

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