CNN’s Brian Stelter defends Disney from pedophilia, grooming accusations [VIDEO]

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In a new segment, CNN’s Brian Stelter mocked conservatives for supporting Governor Ron DeSantis’ “parental rights bill” and defended Disney against allegations that they support pedophilia and grooming.

“In the United States, we’re seeing a theme of the midterm elections emerging, it’s the way you can see a wave start to form far from shore before it breaks on the beach. The theme, the talking point on the right, is about protecting kids from the dangers of The Walt Disney Company,” Stelter said. “Really.”

“But Disney is just a stand in. It’s just a symbol for something bigger, a conservative backlash to grow in acceptance of gay and transgender people, a conservative fear that traditional beliefs are being trampled on, and their entire networks that programmed to this fear and many politicians that react to it. That’s the story here,” the Reliable Sources host remarked.

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