CNN’s Dana Bash Asks Biden’s Surgeon General: Do You Think Fox News Is Killing People with Anti-Vax Rhetoric? [VIDEO]

The Gateway Pundit

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CNN’s Dana Bash on Sunday asked the US Surgeon General if conservative media like Fox News are killing people because of their anti-Covid vaccine rhetoric.
“Do you think conservative media, like Fox News … are they killing people, too, with rhetoric like you just heard?” Bash asked Surgeon General Vivek Murthy.

Surgeon General Vivek Murthy: “My worry is that all of this is misinformation that’s floating around, it’s having a real cost that can be measured in lives lost and that is just tragic.”

This is the new lie coming from the White House, the CDC (which is now an extension of the Biden Admin) and their stenographers in the media in order to justify censoring Americans.

On Friday Joe Biden was asked by a reporter: “What’s your message to platforms like Facebook?”

“They’re killing people,” Biden said. “I mean they’re really — look, the only pandemic we really have is among the unvaccinated and they’re killing people.”

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