Collapse: New NBC Poll Is Just Brutal for Biden, Democrats


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President Joe Biden is underwater by double digits on overall job approval, and Republicans lead Democrats on a wide array of issues, according to a devastating new national survey from NBC News. Some liberals and Biden supporters had questioned whether previous ugly polls from outfits like blue-leaning Quinnipiac were outliers, but the NBC survey would appear to kill that particular form of spin. Voters don’t like what they’re seeing from a president who campaigned on the promise of being truthful, competent, moderate, bipartisan, and unifying. That’s not how the Biden presidency is playing out at all, and the displeased American people are noticing:

A majority of Americans now disapprove of President Joe Biden’s job performance, while half give him low marks for competence and uniting the country, according to results from the latest national NBC News poll. What’s more, the survey finds that 7 in 10 adults, including almost half of Democrats, believe the nation is headed in the wrong direction, as well as nearly 60 percent who view Biden’s stewardship of the economy negatively just nine months into his presidency…In the poll, 42 percent of adults say they approve of Biden’s overall job as president — a decline of 7 points since August, with much of the attrition coming from key parts of the Democratic base. That’s compared to 54 percent who say they disapprove of the president’s job, which is up 6 points since August. Using Gallup’s historical data, Biden’s approval rating in this poll (42 percent) is lower than any other modern first-year president’s at a similar point in time, with the key exception of Donald Trump (whose approval averaged 37 percent in fall 2017).

Biden was (+14) in this series in April. In August, he was still above water, albeit barely. Now he’s (-12). What about personal favorability? From NBC’s write-up: “Finally, Biden’s favorable/unfavorable rating in the poll (40 percent positive, 48 percent negative) is almost identical to Trump’s in the same survey.” That must sting. Biden’s personal likability has taken a nose dive. Let’s look at some specific issues:

The poll finds 40 percent of Americans approving the president’s handling of the economy (down 7 points since August), and 51 percent approving of his handling of the coronavirus (down 2 points). Maybe even more troubling for Biden, just 37 percent of adults give him high marks — on a 5-point scale — for being competent and effective as president, and only 28 percent give him high marks for uniting the country. By contrast, 50 percent give him low scores for being competent, and 51 percent give him low scores for uniting the country.

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