Conservative Comedian Takes Parents Inside Classroom Of Kindergarten “Trans” Teacher In HILARIOUS and Disturbing Skit [VIDEO]

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Comedian and freedom fighter JP Spears recently posted a hysterical video about the kindergarten and elementary school teachers who are obsessed with talking about sexuality with their young students, titled ‘Leftist Teachers Going After Your Children!’

While it is hilarious and obviously dramatized, it’s also frightening because it’s not too far from our reality.

In the video, Spears has crazy makeup on his face – much like what teachers that post ranting videos on TikTok look like lately.

Pretending like he’s talking to a room full of kindergarteners, Spears begins his ‘introduction’, saying, “Because coming to school is all about you and your education, it’s important that we make the focus of class about me.”

He then goes on to mock the educators who are obsessed with telling their young students about their sexuality. “My favorite thing about me is that I’m a trans, hetero, gay, mostly non-binary, queer, tax-exempt, asexual celiac,” says Spears. “And my pronouns are he/haw/victim.”

Spears also takes a jab at the elementary school educators who teach their students that doctors only “guess” the gender of a baby when it’s born… which is absolutely insane – especially when telling this to a 4-year-old.

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