Continue Ignoring Our History And We Will Be Destined Repeat It

The Blue State Conservative

Remembering 125 years of failure in the republic is important so that repetitive errors do not occur. More government produces more failure.

Beginning with the Spanish-American War is a good spot to begin tracing our decline as a moral people. The initial era of industrialization was completed. We had trains and telegraphs and economic growth. The idea of rising to wealth was well proven by Carnegie, Rockefeller, and Cassatt. Optimism was more ascendent than at any time since the Civil War.

What went wrong?  We discovered there was enough money to create an answer to everything!  Government was going to help everybody.  The big lie of socialism rose from the scum. The first ghastly step was the illusion of liberation for the people of the Philippines. It was our first foray into saving the world using our superior morality and machine guns.  Three years and thousands of casualties later we had killed enough people to declare ourselves a winner.  The evacuation of Afghanistan last year in the face of locals not wishing us to intrude upon their lives has quite an eerie similarity.

Our tradition of minding our own personal business had deep roots which allowed a faraway government by experts to begin their march towards our enslavement.  No one really understood what government control meant as we had no traditions of it to review.  Knowledge of government corruption was limited because there was little government to corrupt. The socialist simpletons’ religion was used unmercifully by greedy guys wanting control.

Activist government is actually another euphemism for bondage. Our biggest foray into the field began with the Woody Wilson Amendments.  The women’s suffrage and temperance movements created a volatile political atmosphere. Federal budgets were based on the alcohol tax which provided 65% of tax revenues.  We needed a substitute and found it in the income tax which we regret to this day.  Prohibition is long gone but its’ effects through the income tax will never die.

The Prohibition Amendment was a sop to the women’s temperance movement.  The ladies screamed in the street to get their way in both the vote and evil liquor.  I think the screaming sounds familiar.  They got to vote and we have the results in the election returns as a new voting block was created and it sadly affects us even today.

Becoming involved in WW1 to bail out the banks was the first stab at international financial control by the few. The Federal Reserve system is still paying dividends to enslave the people to debts over which they have no control. The Fed then created the depression by its’ self-admitted errors while providing the money for socialism. The experts again made quite a muddle of things by showing their theories were not viable to smooth out economic bumps after all.

WW2 around the world was funded by Lend Lease at the behest of Roosevelt and created huge debts again. The socialists’ fight against Senator McCarthy was the first instance of the leftist media being unbound as they were trying to save their New Deal communist brethren from exposure and censure.  Korea was another example of the intellectual expertise of the socialist DC mob controlling our foreign policy at the behest of Moscow.

Lyndon Johnson in 1965 created more bureaucracy to ruin the black community while destroying millions of lives and wasting trillions of dollars. Nixon eliminated that pesky gold standard thereby allowing the unbridled license to his financial masters. This financial precipice was leaped over gladly as it provided quite a financial boost to Congress and their ‘crat lackeys.

Today we have millions of people on the government dole in addition to the poor welfare folks that may need help.  Pushing paper is a way of life for millions of government employees that cannot be controlled.  Even the defense department is in the running for the “Incompetent and Unnecessary” Trophy. In WW2 there were 256 Admirals and 6000 ships in the Navy.  Today we have 359 admirals and 280 ships.   The Army had 2,000 generals for 12 million troops.  Now there are 900 generals for 1.3 million troops. Paychecks and pensions for all concerned for guarding the water cooler!

Congress as a career move for a small-town lawyer has many possibilities. All that is required is the ability to lie with a straight face. The CIA and FBI have no supervision or interest in anything but their own continuance as the secret police for the US and the world.

The Iraq invasion testimony in Congress regarding Kuwait was staged by the ‘crats to allow our intervention. The story of the children thrown out of incubators was a lie told by the Kuwaiti ambassador’s daughter.  The questions and answers were designed for the 19th Amendment and subsidizing defense industries led to a 30-year war.

The academic community was also desperate to get in on the baskets of money thrown around DC.  This money created Global Warming and it is still growing on a daily basis.  The last situation to which we are rapidly succumbing is the WEF world government group that has roots in the Woody Wilson blackmails of 100 years ago.  The USA is a requirement for world control as we are the largest force for good or evil on the planet.  A fake disease indicates the latest depth to which these evil people will plumb.  I hope that we can survive and get back to a level of innocence that ruled in 1898.  These examples show that a return to the Articles of Confederation would be quite a step towards freedom and safety.  Hang tight!

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