Coronavirus Deaths Ratio Vaccinated To Unvaccinated Is 4:1!!! Corporate Media Must Be CENSORED Due To Spreading FAKE NEWS

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The BBC hides the fact that there are four vaccinated deaths for every unvaccinated death. For months we have been telling you that the vaccines won’t save your life; in fact, they are destroying your immune system and will bring nothing good. There are vaccine-induced injuries, illnesses, and deaths. Contrary to corporate media reporting, the C-19 shots aren’t safe.

UKHSA statistics are very clear. People are overwhelmed by statistics and numbers. There is enough data if we read the words in the UKHSA’s VSR. Everything is hidden in plain sight, and that the BBC doesn’t want to share that and classify it as conspiracy theories.

Before the coronavirus vaccine rollout, three statistic corporate media constantly spoke about infections, hospitalizations, and deaths. Since the coronavirus vaccine campaign began reporting these numbers, they have become a minefield for them.


UKHSA admits “asymptomatic cases” are not a concern for spreading Covid
UKHSA does not use cases, positive PCR tests, to determine disease.
UKHSA uses non-peer reviewed studies and a study prepared by their own public health officials to estimate a “vaccine effectiveness” of 90% protection against mortality.
Real-world data shows a waning of protection until it flips and the opposite occurs – “vaccinated” people are at higher risk of hospitalisation and death. “Vaccinated” people appear to be developing a vaccine-induced immunodeficiency disorder, a condition similar to AIDS.

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