CORRUPT! Joe Biden Met With Hunter Biden’s Crooked Business Partner at the White House… Shared Access to Financial Records

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Joe Biden had met repeatedly with Hunter Biden’s business partner Eric Schwerin while VP, even sharing financial records

A couple of weeks ago we learned that Joe Biden was sharing his financial expenses and accounts with Hunter Biden through Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin. Schwerin had access to then Vice-President Joe Biden’s financial accounts and records, while at the same time aiding Hunter Biden in their corrupt business dealings overseas.

Today, we learn that Shwerin made at least 19 visits to the White House, among other official locations, from 2009 to 2015, while Biden was VP.  He even had a sitdown with Biden in the West Wing.

From The New York Post:

Visitor logs from the White House of former President Barack Obama reviewed by The Post cast further doubt over Joe Biden’s claims that he knew nothing of his son’s dealings.

Eric Schwerin met with Vice President Biden on November 17, 2010 in the West Wing, when he was the president of the since-dissolved investment fund Rosemont Seneca Partners.

The logs also reveal that Schwerin met with various close aides of both Joe and Jill Biden at key moments in Hunter’s life when he was striking multi-million dollar deals in foreign countries, including China.

With it already confirmed that Schwerin had access to Biden’s accounts and finances, and now knowing that he was meeting with Joe during the same time frame that Hunter was making his illicit money, it’s hard to deny Joe’s likely involvement.

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin seems to agree that it is suspicious, stating the following:

”Not everyone gets to meet the Vice President of the United States in the White House. The press should be asking why Hunter Biden’s business associates — like Eric Schwerin — had that privilege and were given access to the Obama White House. This is additional evidence that Joe Biden lied when he said he never discussed Hunter’s foreign business dealings. It’s well past time for the corporate media to demand the truth from Joe Biden. The corruption of Biden Inc. must be exposed.”

Schwerin was consistently in contact with both Hunter and Joe about the senior Biden’s finances and taxes via emails, which were revealed from Hunter’s laptop. He had a deep professional, and personal, involvement in the lives of the Bidens. This would normally be subject to scrutiny, but under the circumstances of Hunter getting rich off of corrupt and unethical deals, his dual-involvement in the Bidens’ lives is beyond suspicious–it’s incriminating.

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