Could Mark Meadows Lawsuit End The Sham Jan 6th Committee?

The Palmieri Report

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Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows announced he was suing Pelosi and the sham Jan 6th committee.

Joel Pollak from Breitbart News published an article exploring how this lawsuit could bring down the whole sham Jan 6th committee.

From Breitbart:

Furthermore, Meadows’s lawsuit points out that while the chair of the committee can order subpoenas, that authority is not absolute. H. Res. 503 requires the chair of the committee to consult with the ranking member before issuing a subpoena for a deposition. But the committee has no ranking Republican member, which could make the committee’s subpoenas invalid.

If Meadows’s lawsuit is successful, he could not only block his own subpoena, but could see the entire committee declared invalid. Pelosi and the Democrats would have to start over — this time, obeying the rules, with five Republican members…

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