“Cringeworthy,”: Critics give thumbs down to Kamala Harris’ answers on trip to Mexico, Guatemala [VIDEO]

New York Post

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Vice President Harris didn’t seem to have an answer to questions about a possible visit to the US-Mexico border – and critics are wondering why.

Harris’ first international trip as VP to Guatemala and Mexico came with criticism for telling migrants “do not come” to the US.

But a CNN panel Sunday focused on some awkward exchanges with members of the press when asked about if she planned to visit the border.

“It’s just a little cringeworthy,” host Abby Phillip said on “Inside Politics Sunday.”

“And I know that her allies in the White House and elsewhere are watching it and just kind of wondering, ‘what is going on?’”

The panel was reacting to two specific clips, the first which was an attention-grabbing interview when NBC’s Lester Holt noted she hadn’t been to the border.

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