Cyclist Tests Positive For Covid, Wins Tour De France Stage Anyway

The Blue State Conservative

In a much-needed blow to both medical fascism and disinformation, a Luxembourg cyclist crushed the competition to win the mountainous 9th stage at the 2022 Tour de France despite having tested positive for Covid the day before. Most media outlets are running away from this story, because it shatters their harmful pre-/mis-conceptions about the man-made, lab-leaked virus.

For starters, the fact that testing positive didn’t prevent someone from going out and riding their bike vigorously for several hours shows that a positive test is ultimately meaningless. You tested positive? You allegedly have Covid? So what? Life goes on.

It’s a powerful reminder that our epidemic of testing was both a gigantic waste of time and massively fraudulent exercise to induce fear in the ignorant public. The correlation between testing positive and being A) sick and B) a threat to others amounted to zero.

Outkick was one of the few outlets to carry the story:

“Bob Jungels of Luxembourg tested positive for the virus the day prior to the start of the race in Copenhagen on July 1. Instead of seeing the positive result and keeping him from racing, a panel of doctors looked at his sample and deemed his viral load was low enough for him to ride.

In other words, doctors determined Jungels was not contagious to others.

Fast-forward to the ninth stage on July 10, and Jungels is the first to cross the line during the ninth stage.

“I had a test on the Thursday morning. But with the result you could see that I could start the race on Friday. It was very very close I believe,” Jungels told Reuters. “Luckily I made it.”

Talk about a novel concept, athletes still being able to compete after a positive test the day prior. Maybe the Tour de France doctors have different technology than every other sport around the world and are the only ones that can determine the severity of viral loads.”

Amazingly, this story is running concurrently with the Novak Jokavic saga. For the entire year, the beleaguered Corastian tennis star has battled medical tyranny after his vaccination status was disclosed. Jojkavic, who doesn’t even take aspirin, declined the experimental gene therapy and has since been banned from two major tournaments. In January, he was trapped at an Australian airport before being deported home. He recently won Wimbledon, where he was allowed to play, but now Joe Biden’s regime is barring him entry to play in the U.S. Open.

He is not sick, but can’t play. Meanwhile, this cyclist is “sick” and can ride – and win. We live in a dangerous clown world, where ignorant despots can make or break one’s career on a whim.

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