Dad fumes about 9-year-old son being asked by doctor if he’s genderfluid in viral video: ‘This is bulls–t’

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If anyone out there doesn’t understand how absolutely disturbing this is, they need to have their head examined. This is just one more example of the multitude of disgusting assaults on traditional values and the safety of our children. I have no idea why this perversion has crept so deeply into so many elements of our everyday lives, but IT HAS TO STOP! Whether it’s Target with their “Pro-satan” clothing designer with trans swimwear and promoting pronoun derangement, or the new Barbie movie that thinks they need to introduce a trans doll, it’s all disgusting and perverse. As a parent, i can tell you that I’m just one of the millions that are so sick of this shit. We’re ready to fight back and it has already begun. At some point, retail boycotts and standing up to school boards, alone will not fix this issue. These twisted, evil people aren’t equipped to handle the whirlwind of the shitstorm they are stirring up. Stand strong folks! Good will prevail over evil, but not without you doing your part. Get educated and informed, take the fight to them and don’t let up!

-J Scott

‘To the people out there who think that there’s nothing wrong with that…, you’re f—ed up. This is bull—t. And there’s something wrong with you,’ the dad said.

A father went on an explosive rant against gender ideology after his 9-year-old son who plays tackle football, and is a “boy’s boy,” was exposed to the topic by a doctor, according to a viral video posted on TikTok Friday.

The dad, who goes by “@jotojavin” on Tiktok, calls himself a “common sense enthusiast.” The video went viral on TikTok and was also viewed by over 6 million as of Sunday on Twitter after it was reported by Sarah Fields, an investigative reporter.

The dad had just got off the phone with his wife when he recorded the video, and angrily recounted how his 9-year-old son was exposed to gender ideology during a routine checkup at the doctor’s office. His son needed to be cleared to play football at his school.

“I just pulled over to do this video because I’m literally on fire right now. I just got off the phone with my wife, who took my 9 and 7-year-old boys to the doctor today to get physicals for tackle football and school next year and all that other s–t,” he said.

“My 9-year-old son went in first, and the first thing this woman asks him is if he identifies as a boy, a girl, genderfluid or non-binary. My son has never heard of any of that s–t before. You’ve been dealing with him your whole life. He is clearly a boy’s boy. So what are you trying to plant a f—ing seed in his head?” he said. “The only thing I could be thankful for is that my wife took them instead of me and props to my wife because she said something. And if she didn’t, they would ask my 7-year-old son the same damn question. This s–t is ridiculous. And to the people out there who think that there’s nothing wrong with that, and I’m just a transphobe or all that s–t, you’re f—ed up. This is bull—t. And there’s something wrong with you.”

The dad added it was “wrong on so many levels,” and invoked Pink Foyd’s famous song, “Another Brick in the Wall.”

“We don’t need no education. We don’t need no thought control. No dark sarcasm in the classroom. Teacher leave them kids alone,” the lyrics said. “Hey, teacher, leave them kids alone. All in all, it’s just another brick in the wall.”

Parents around the country have been sounding the alarm against what they believe is gender ideology indoctrination.

For example, districts use a “genderbread identity” person to illustrate the beliefs that gender is non-binary.

The same chart has been integrated into the field of medicine. For example, Children’s Minnesota used the “Genderbread” to educate their physicians that biological sex exists on a spectrum.

gender ideology gender bread identity

“They’re really trying to sexualize our children,” Amy Peters of the Newport-Mesa School District said.

Other curriculums have taught that there are eight different gender identities and over 10 sexual orientations.

Elon Musk responded to the video of the dad blasting gender ideology stating, “Time for parents to fight back!”

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