Danny Kanell Believes ESPN Might Have Fired Him For Trolling The SEC And Having A ‘Make Radio Great Again’ Hat

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Former ESPN star Danny Kanell believes there’s two likely explanations for why ESPN fired him.

The former Florida State quarterback spent several years with the network before being cut loose in 2017. It sounds like the college football pundit has a pretty good idea why he was let go, and it comes down to trolling the SEC and a hat.

Kanell said the following on the “Ryen Russillo Podcast,” according to Outkick:

Possibly because the person who I upset the most was asking me to be suspended for a tweet because I was trolling the SEC. It did tick off somebody and even though I apologized, I don’t know if that person ever got over it. That person since that time rose up the ranks where they were really powerful and had some influence whether or not I was there.

He also added that having a red “Make Radio Great Again” hat probably didn’t help his cause and could have contributed to “the final nail in the coffin” of his career at ESPN.


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