Daycare Owner Shoots Retired Cop Husband After Molestation Accusations Surface “I Want The Kids To Get Justice” [Video]

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While staying in Washington DC, Baltimore, Md., couple James, and Shanteari Weems got into an argument that turned violent. Shanteari, 50, shot her husband James, 57, on Thursday in their room at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

Shanteari is a Maryland daycare owner and is now behind bars after shooting her retired cop husband in the head. Apparently, the argument ensued when she was told by some of her clients that her husband James was molesting their children. She then produced a gun and fired it at her husband.

Shanteari was arrested on domestic violence and gun charges and James was arrested in the hospital Thursday after being accused of abusing three girls at his wife’s daycare. Baltimore County Police Department said they received reports from the parents and were already investigating James when his wife shot him.

A Baltimore PD spokesman told on Tuesday: ‘James Weems, Jr. retired from the Baltimore Police Department in 2005. 

‘He continued to work for the department as a contract specialist until 2008.’ 

According to police, a fire alarm went off in room 853 on July 21. Shanteari spoke to James about the accusations, and when he stood up and came toward her, she took a gun from her purse and shot him.

She communicated with the responding officers through the hotel room door, who asked to check on her husband’s condition. And allegedly told officers: ‘If you come in, I’m going to shoot myself’ and in reference to her husband: ‘F**k him, he’s a child molester.’ 

Her husband yelled that he had been shot in the leg and head.

 ‘Shut the f**k up. I will kill you.’ Shanteari allegedly responded.

Officers stormed the room and arresting Shateari. Two guns were found, one in her purse and another in the room’s safe.

The daycare is now closed while police complete their investigation.

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