Despite CDC Director Walensky Obtaining Media Training Lessons – Democrats Now Calling for Her Replacement

The Gateway Pundit

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Pressure is mounting for the replacement of CDC Director Walensky despite her taking up media training lessons to supposedly help her messaging.

Biden’s pick for CDC Director has put her foot in her mouth numerous times. In the last few weeks alone she has been a trainwreck. On December 29 she admitted that the CDC’s guidelines were based on what they thought the people could tolerate, not what made sense. These remarks appeared to be accurate based on the CDC’s actions since COVID first appeared.

On January 9th Walensky refuted the insane remarks by Obama’s appointee to the Supreme Court, Justice Sotomayor, who claimed 100,000 children were currently hospitalized with many on ventilators. Again, Director Walensky appeared correct on this remark as well.

However, Walensky is under pressure to not tell the truth and keep the COVID crisis alive so she wouldn’t answer how many of the COVID deaths reported to date are due to COVID versus with COVID. This is one of the biggest areas of misinformation since the beginning of COVID and she couldn’t clear this up.

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