Despite Getting Into Fewer Accidents, Study Finds Women Pay More on Average Than Men


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Women can pay up to 7.6% more than men for car insurance, depending on their age and location, research from The Zebra finds. The insurance comparison site looked into auto insurance rates by gender, age and location and compared more than 83 million rates between September and December 2020.

Nationwide, women pay an average of 0.4% more than men for car insurance. And in 21 states and the District of Columbia, women are paying more despite getting into fewer accidents, The Zebra finds.

Regardless of age, male drivers consistently account for 68 to 70% of all driver crash involvements, and men make up 70.5% of all driver deaths, data from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows.

The biggest disparity between the rates men and women pay is in Florida, where on average women pay $85 more per year than men do.

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