‘Disarming You Is The Point’: FNC’s Tucker Carlson Blasts Biden’s Gun Control Speech

Daily Caller

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Tucker Carlson criticized President Joe Biden’s speech on gun control on his Fox News show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Thursday, saying the president’s agenda was to disarm Americans.

“This is about saving the children, Joe Biden just told us, but how many lives would this new law save?” Carlson asked during the opening of his show.

“Well, we know the answer. Zero. Not one,” Carlson added. “We know that because there’s precisely no evidence at all and never has been that larger magazines somehow inspire mass shootings. But of course saving lives is not the point of this. Disarming you is the point.”

Biden proposed a series of gun control measures during his Thursday speech in response to mass shootings in BuffaloTulsa and Uvalde, including a ban on so-called assault weapons, repeal of a law protecting firearms manufacturers from certain liability claims, expanded background checks and “red flag” laws.

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