Disney Introduces Groomer Toys For Your Children

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Disney has faced immense pushback from parents and Republican politicians for inserting itself in to the debate over Ron DeSantis’ Parental Rights in Education bill.

In Late March, Disney announced its opposition to the bill and pledged to help fight it in court. Its employees staged a walkout to protest the bill’s passage in the Florida legislature.

After refusing to heed DeSantis’ warnings that Disney does not ‘run the state,’ he stripped Disney of its Improvement District, which gave it limited governing rights over areas that covered Disney’s parks and property in Florida.

Undeterred, Disney is releasing a line of pro-LGBTQ toys for pride month.



“Amid pushback from parents and Republican leaders, Disney has launched a “Pride Collection” initiative, which includes an LGBTQ pride-themed line of plush toys marketed to young children.

Among the plush toys from Disney, which were made in conjunction with the squish mallow company, are various Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Stitch, all of which feature a rainbow design.

The back of the tag reads, “in celebration of Pride and the company’s Pride collection, The Walt Disney Company is giving funds as part of our ongoing commitment to organizations around the world that support LGBTQ+ communities.” The front of the tag notes that the plush toy is intended for children “0+.”

Disney’s political campaign to push pro-LGBT propaganda on children has led some people to label them as ‘groomers’.  Disney has faced problems with sexual abuse of minors among its employees in the past.  Since 2006, 35 Disney employees have been arrested and charged with sex crimes involving minors.

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