Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (DIE) and the Death of Meritocracy


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At the root of the DIE religion is the unflappable and irrational belief that societies must exhibit equality of outcomes on every possible human endeavor. When this cancerous objective is not met, it is presumed that the sole possible explanation is institutionalized bigotry. Of course, people with functioning brains recognize that most complex phenomena are multifactorial in their causes. In other words, a disparity in outcomes is likely caused by a large number of factors of which institutionalized bigotry might be absent from such a list…

With that in mind, let’s apply the “liberating” framework of the DIE religion to a broad range of phenomena. You’ll note that there is nothing in my satirical take that violates the central tenet of the DIE cult.

1. Of the nearly 200 countries that have participated in men’s soccer world cups (including qualifying rounds), only EIGHT countries have ever lifted the trophy (Brazil, Italy, Germany, Argentina, France, Uruguay, England, and Spain). No African country has ever won: Racism. No Muslim-majority country has ever won: Islamophobia. Israel has never won: Anti-Semitism. No national team with a majority of trans women (biological males) has ever won: Transphobia. No national team with a majority of gay men (as far as we know) has ever won: Homophobia.

2. Since 1988, a Kenyan runner has won the men’s division of the Boston Marathon on 22 occasions. Ethiopian runners have won it on six occasions. In other words, runners of two nations have almost exclusively dominated the Boston Marathon. Why no Vietnamese winners? Why does the Boston Marathon discriminate against noble runners from Laos? I don’t see any Lebanese Jews on the podium. Arabophobia and anti-Semitism in one nice packet of bigotry! …

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