ROASTED: Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand to ‘do better’ after getting caught without mask


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This reminds us of the time Speaker Nancy Pelosi ignored the COVID lockdown to get a blow-out at the salon without her mask. Innovo Kitchen posted to its Instagram channel video of Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand blowing past the manager and into the restaurant. Those questioning if its really her can check a statement from her office, in which she promises to “do better.”

The owner of Innovo Kitchen expressed her frustration on the restaurant’s Instagram page, sharing a video of Gillibrand “blowing past” a manager and saying that the incident exemplifies New York politics.

“The problem with NY politics in a nut shell. My Senator blowing past my manager before she can even ask her to put a mask on. Walking right past a really big sign that says ‘masks required to enter,'” the post read.

“The masks are a mandate from the Governor. As good citizens, agree or not, we must follow our leaders. Her guest is graciously wearing one. I guess Senator Gillibrand thinks that the Governor is wrong or she is special and above the rules,” it continued.

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