DoD Data Show That 60% of “Covid” Hospitalizations in 65 and Older Patients are “Fully Vaccinated”

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The Department of Defense (DoD) in conjunction with Humetrix, JAIC, and Project Salus, has released new data showing that Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” are hardly the miracle that they are hailed as being.

Entitled “Effectiveness of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Against the Delta Variant Among 5.6M Medicare Beneficiaries 65 Years and Older,” a slide presentation dated Sept. 28, 2021, reveals that among the elderly especially, Chinese Virus injections do not work to protect against disease.

Slide 12 – see below – explains that based on the latest available data through August 7, at least 60 percent of all Fauci Flu hospitalizations in the 65-and-older age category are “fully vaccinated” patients, meaning they got all of the currently available injections.

The so-called “Delta variant,” the same slide reveals, really began to “surge” right around the time when a critical mass of the population was getting jabbed for the novel virus. This suggests that the “fully vaccinated” are the ones getting sick and spreading disease.

“As Delta variant surged to over 50% in June, COVID-19 hospitalizations more than doubled, reversing the prior trend of decreasing hospitalizations since April,” the report explains.

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