Donald Trump: Biden ‘Humiliated’ The United States — ‘The Greatest Embarrassment … In The History Of Our Country’ [VIDEO]


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Former President Donald Trump said Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity” that President Joe Biden’s chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan was a national humiliation, which he claimed was worse than the Iran hostage crisis under former President Jimmy Carter.

Trump said, “I don’t think in all of the years our country has ever been so humiliated. I don’t know what you call the military defeat or a psychological defeat. There has never been anything like what’s happened here. You can go back to Jimmy Carter with the hostages. We all thought that was a great embarrassment, and we were pulled out of that by Ronald Reagan. This is many, many times worse. You are dealing with thousands and thousands of Americans and others that are stranded and very dangerously really stranded in Afghanistan. So it’s something that you can’t even believe that a thing like this.”

He added, “I looked at that big monster cargo plane yesterday with people grabbing the side and trying to get flown out of Afghanistan because of their incredible fear, and they’re blowing off of the plane from 2,000 feet up in the air, nobody has ever seen anything like that. That blows the helicopters in Vietnam away. That is not even a contest. It has been the most humiliating period of time that I’ve ever seen.”

Biden and his officials have in turn said their hands were tied by a deal struck with the Taliban by Trump.

But the former president said he made clear in negotiations there would be consequences if Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, the Taliban’s political chief, failed to stick to the terms of their deal.

‘We had a very strong conversation,’ he said.

‘I told them upfront, I said: ‘Look, before we start, let me just tell you right now that if anything bad happens to Americans or anybody else, or if you ever come over to our land, we will hit you with a force that no country has ever been hit with before, a force so great that you won’t even believe it, and your village, and we know where it is – and I named it – will be the first one.’

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