‘Don’t Think About It’: White House Aide Warns Journalist Against Asking Biden Questions During Event

The Daily Caller

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A White House official warned reporters to not even “think about” asking President Joe Biden questions as the president began a round table event at the White House on Wednesday.

Biden was meeting with CEOs of energy companies in an effort to push his Build Back Better agenda, which is dead in the water in Congress. Reporters began shouting questions to Biden as he concluded his opening remarks and staffers began herding the press corps out of the room. White House pool reporters say one aide was concerned Biden would start taking questions. The aide warned a reporter, who was lingering in the room.

“Don’t think about it, Matt,” she said, according to the pool.

Biden’s White House has faced criticism for a lack of transparency in its first year, with staff often shouting down reporters and Biden himself being less available than other modern presidents. Biden held fewer than half as many press conferences in his first year than any five of his most recent predecessors.

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