‘Dumb Political Dunk’: Dana Loesch Eviscerates Eric Swalwell Over His Idiotic Highland Park Shooter Remarks


Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) took a break from his Chinese spy side piece to drop some commentary about the recent mass shooting in Highland Park, Illinois. It was so bad that he was trending on Twitter. Robert E. Crimo III opened fire from a rooftop on a Fourth of July Parade, killing seven people and wounding 47 more. He was apprehended hours later on the same day, but this event, plus other shootings across the country, capped off a rather tragic and bloody Fourth of July weekend. Sadly, in Chicago, this is not unexpected news. For Highland Park, a wealthy Chicago suburb, this was a horrific shock.

Well, Rep. Swally decided to use this shooting to attack his political enemies, tweeting:

Now, we should expect this coming from a person who is just as braindead as Joe Biden.

First, we don’t know if Crimo’s a Trump supporter. Don’t fall for the drive-by media here. The Buffalo mass shooter, Payton Gendron, was declared a right-winger and conservative even though his 180-page manifesto clearly says he hates conservatives. He was a left-wing eco-fascist with white supremacist views. If that confuses you, you’re not alone. Gendron and Crimo share the common thread that both were afflicted by mental health issues. Conservative commentator Dana Loesch was not going to allow Swalwell off the hook. She noted that Crimo bought this firearm legally—another common trait in mass shootings. He did go through a background check. Sporting rifles have been banned in Highland Park for quite some time.

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