Elon Musk Mocks Trudeau After Massive Trucker Rally: ‘Fringe Minority’ ‘Is Actually The Government’

The Daily Wire

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Entrepreneur Elon Musk mocked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Sunday for dismissing the “Freedom Convoy” of truckers against vaccine mandates as a “fringe minority.”

The convoy rolled into Ottawa for a protest attended by tens of thousands of people on Saturday. Demonstrators mocked Trudeau, called for him to step down, and demanded and end to Canadian COVID-19 vaccine mandates. Videos online of the protest showed thousands of people marching through Ottawa in support of the truckers.

“It would appear that the so-called ‘fringe minority’ is actually the government,” Musk tweeted on Sunday, reacting to video of the protest. “Protesting in a Canadian winter shows real commitment!”

On Friday, Trudeau dismissed the trucker convoy, which reportedly grew to roughly 45 miles long on its way to the Canadian capital, as a “small, fringe minority” of anti-science protesters.

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