‘Enough of this bulls**t!’: Spunky older woman blocks ‘a**hole’ shoplifter, yanks off his ski mask, and curses him out [VIDEO]

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A spunky and salty-tongued older woman is becoming a bit of a folk heroine since video has been circulating of her confronting and stopping a suspected shoplifter in a Canadian Walmart over the weekend.

Global News reported that Saturday morning’s incident at the store in Campbell River — about four hours northwest of Vancouver, British Columbia — began when a man followed the suspected shoplifter heading for the store exit.

The man — who apparently was recording video of the heist — asked the apparent shoplifter if he was planning on paying for the items that filled his cart.

“Yeah,” the alleged shoplifter — who’s wearing a ski mask — replied.

As the suspect grabbed his bike and wheeled it toward the open door, he told a gray-haired woman who arrived there before him “excuse me.”

The woman got angry and began pulling off the man’s apparent disguise — ordering him to “take that f***in’ mask off, asshole!” — and hollering that she’s seen “enough of this bulls**t!”

The woman then yelled it’s “you assholes” who “jack up the price for everybody else … it’s about time they got caught!”

The alleged shoplifter left with only his backpack.

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