Social Media Responds To Eric Swalwell Being Caught Maskless On Vacation In Florida

The Daily Caller

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Another Democrat has been spotted vacationing maskless in the state of Florida.

California Rep. Eric Swalwell was photographed at the Loews Miami Beach hotel on vacation. In the photos, exclusively published by the Daily Mail on Wednesday, Swalwell is caring for his baby son in the hotel lobby as he speaks to a woman.

In a tweet Dec. 31, Swalwell said that “Republican liars” were the ones “prolonging” the pandemic: “THESE GUYS. Republican liars. Your vacation cancelled. Your kids back to virtual learning. And back to masks everywhere. For blame look no farther than #TheseGuys.”

Fellow Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York was also spotted vacationing in Florida Dec. 31. Ocasio-Cortez said Republican critics of her decision to spend time in the sunshine state without a mask were hung up on “deranged sexual frustrations.” She doubled down Wednesday, indicating that Republicans critical of her had foot fetishes.

Swalwell is such a hypocrite. In a recent tweet he said it was Republicans who’d canceled your vacation.

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