Ex Disinformation Czar: Attacking Me Is a National Security Threat


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This was utterly predictable. No, I’m not talking about Nina Jankowicz’s resignation from the Department of Homeland Security’s thought police. I thought she would stay because the liberal media would have happily extended her plenty of political cover. Instead, the DHS bungled the rollout of their Disinformation Governance Board to the point where nothing could be salvaged. Even Janky’s allies were left with little to no recourse to mount a defense for her. The talking points were either wrong or non-existent. DHS also didn’t do itself any favors with its “trust us, this isn’t like the Ministry of Truth” pivot. Don’t these people know—the American people are always distrustful of government in their own way?

It’s also not a great look when DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was caught being unaware that the woman he hired had a series of cringeworthy and inaccurate TikTok videos about disinformation. Janky is a Russian collusion peddler and thought the Hunter Biden laptop was a Russian PSYOP. The woman tasked with policing disinformation was herself a bastion of…disinformation. I don’t need to remind you of this embarrassing fiasco that engulfed the DHS. So, Janky left, and the thought police squad was put on hold for now. It could come back.

That didn’t stop this woman from going on the liberal media circuit to say she was derailed by right-wing disinformation. The tantrum that occurred afterward is the best part because it exposes what this whole thought police was set up for, which is to help Democrats. You all know that—and I guess since the cat is out of the bag—they’re admitting to it as well on some level.

Janky even went so far as to suggest that attacking her is akin to a national security threat. If you question her authority, it’s endangering the country. It’s a grossly predictable response.

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