Ex-Obama Adviser: Things Are ‘Out of Control’ Because Biden Is Not ‘In Command’


I think the time for friendship is over. It’s about looking to the future of the party and its long-term health. Joe Biden is the diverticulitis of the Democratic Party right now. He’s clogging things up to the point where the country is failing all over. He’s just aloof. He’s outmaneuvered way too easily. He’s slow. He’s old. He’s stupid. If your staff is working overtime clarifying the boss’s remarks, it’s a level-five disaster. Biden’s grand energy plan was blown up in full view of the press last week. The grim reaper in that story was French President Emmanuel Macron, who told Biden that the two nations he banked on ramping up oil production to offset rising gas prices at home—the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia—were either already producing at capacity or cannot produce much more than they already are at present.

He’s mad at his staff for cleaning up his messes to the press. He’s mad at his own party, which is simply not too pleased that he’s running for re-election, hoping he’d bow out as the COVID parameters for elections are over. Biden needs to be out there 24/7 come 2024—and we all know he can’t do it. He’ll collapse on stage from exhaustion. The man is just small. He can’t fill the office. He doesn’t have the skills. He carries no presence. He’s a caretaker president.

Former top advisers to Barack Obama are laying into him. Folks, for better or worse, Obama could do the job. He did have the presence. He did fill the office from a presentational standpoint. You knew he was in charge. And he had political skills; he beat the Clinton machine. Obama was just god-awful on policy. Biden is terrible on policy and he’s half braindead—big difference. David Axelrod was devastating in his observation that the country is “out of control” and that President Biden is not “in command” (via Fox News):

During CNN’s “The Lead with Jake Tapper” on Thursday, host Jake Tapper spoke with CNN senior political commentator and former senior Obama advisor David Axelrod, who echoed President Biden’s critics, admitting that things in the country are “out of control” and that Biden is “not in command.”

The discussion between the two centered on how Biden is handling many of the political setbacks that have befallen his party and other forces threatening the country under his watch, including 40-year-high inflation, especially amid criticism from his own party.


Later, Tapper brought up the recent AP-NORC poll which showed that 85% of Americans think that “things in this country are headed in the wrong direction.” Tapper pressed Axelrod, saying, “That frankly points to disaster for Democrats in November.”

It’s just impotence all-around with this guy. Axelrod knows it. I also wouldn’t put it past Obama to reach out to his former top aide, Axelrod, and tell him to just give Joe Biden the business at every opportunity for the sake of the Democrats’ future.

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