Facebook Reveals How It Decides What Content To Suppress

The Daily Caller

Facebook released its updated Content Distribution Guidelines on Thursday, shedding more light on how the tech giant decides what content it suppresses.

While Facebook has previously provided some details on the types of content that receive reduced distribution in Facebook’s News Feed, the updated guidelines are designed to provide clarity and accessibility, Director of Product Management Anna Stepanov announced in a blog post Thursday.

“The Content Distribution Guidelines make it clear what content receives reduced distribution on News Feed because it’s problematic or low quality,” Stepanov wrote.

The guidelines list content Facebook suppresses in its News Feed such as clickbait, unoriginal or low-quality content and articles from news publishers rated as “broadly untrusted” by Facebook users. Content from untrustworthy or suspicious domains also receives reduced distribution, as does sensationalist news and certain types of promoted health content such as claims of products providing “miracle cures.”

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