Fauci Skipped WHCA Dinner, Citing Coronavirus Risk — but Appeared at WHCA Weekend Party Maskless


Dr. Anthony Fauci appeared at a White House Correspondents’ Association (WHCA) garden party on Saturday even after he dropped out of the WHCA dinner as too risky to attend during the coronavirus pandemic.

Fauci said he made “an individual assessment of my personal risk” as the reason for canceling his appearance at the dinner.

But Fauci did not stay away from all of the WHCA events over the weekend.

He attended the 27th Annual White House Correspondents’ Weekend Garden Brunch where he went on camera to celebrate people coming back out of their homes again.

“We’ve been two and half years in one of the most stressful times we’ve had since you know since world wars, if you look at that historically,” Fauci said.

The nation’s top doctor and adviser for President Joe Biden’s coronavirus pandemic response team wore a black turtleneck for the brunch underneath a charcoal suit.

Fauci took photos with U.S. Army Inspector General Lt. Donna Martin and CNN’s Don Lemon during the event.

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