Florida man charged with brother’s murder five days after release from prison

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A man in Florida is charged with murdering his brother five days after he was released from prison, authorities said.
Daniel Redman, 29, left his brother Brenden Redman, 19, lying in a driveway in the city of Inverness with gunshot wounds on Jan. 14, the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office said Friday.
Although he fled the crime scene, investigators identified the suspect as Daniel Redman, who was released from prison on Jan. 9, the sheriff’s office said. Brendan Redman was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, according to authorities.

The sheriff’s office has not disclosed what led to the fatal shooting, Fox News reported.

Nevertheless, within minutes of launching a search for Daniel Redman, deputies and a K9 unit located him at a motor home about a quarter-mile from the homicide scene.

As deputies tracked the suspect to the location, they found him holding another victim hostage who had “obvious injuries,” authorities said. The confrontation led to a shooting.

“Daniel Redman was shot by deputies during a hostage situation and has been in our custody while receiving medical treatment,” CCSO said.

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