Food insecurity in Biden’s America; ‘farms are being crushed by record diesel prices’

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On the June 17th episode of Human Events Daily, Jack Posobiec said “we need to get serious about food security in this country and understand that the diesel prices or gas prices go into everything.”

Posobiec’s remarks reflect the growing concern that the record high gas and diesel prices will irrevocably hinder farmers’ output. America’s food supply has historically been abundant due in large part to the product of US farms.

As the New York Post reports, farmland heavy machinery such as tractors rely almost entirely on diesel fuel. These machines plant, harvest, and transport the crops and consume thousands of gallons of diesel fuel in the process.
Posobiec put a spotlight on the impact on Pennsylvania farmers in particular saying, “Pennsylvania farms are being crushed by record diesel prices.” He emphasized that the average price for diesel is “now $6.19 per gallon,” and is up “75 percent from a year ago.”
Posobiec followed-up his concerns for farmers impacted by the cost of diesel warning that “if the farmers cannot get the crops out of the ground then there is not food on the shelves.”
A Pennsylvania farmer from Lehigh County, was highlighted by Posobiec, detailing the farmer’s efforts to press the dire situation by going to both the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau and state legislatures to press the dire situation. According to Posobiec the farmer said, “‘I’ve got a tractor hooked up to my corn planter out here, no diesel fuel, and I can’t afford to get any.'”
The farmer emphasized the high stakes of the situation saying, “We have now reached that point where [we’re] very close to being a sinking ship. We are teetering on the edge right now.”
One consequence of farmers generating less produce will be an additional increase in price to consumers, compounding the effects of record high inflation on food, which has increased 10.1 percent since last year.
President Joe Biden has casually said for weeks that “food shortages are gonna be real,” while ducking any responsibility on the issue.
The Biden administration’s activist approach to eliminating the country’s use of fossil fuels disproportionately harms rural Americans.
Posobiec noted the actions are consistent with the Democratic Party’s disdain for rural America, recollecting Barack Obama insulting rural Americans as “bitter clingers” to guns and religion.
Posobiec acknowledged the potentially catastrophic political and civil impacts a food shortage could have, citing an Alfred Henry Lewis quote, “The only barrier between us and anarchy is the last nine meals we’ve had.”
Posobiec concluded with “Guess what? If you want to complain about rural America, you better try not eating for that day. How about not eating for a week?” and “You break the backs of the farmers, you’re going to shut down the food supply for everyone in the entire country.”

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