Free Speech Is A Threat To Democrats


o hear liberals talk about our Founding Fathers you’d think they were nothing but a bunch of racist, sexist Neanderthals who only stopped raping and murdering anyone not white long enough to write some words conservatives revere for their awfulness. These evil monsters existed to oppress trans people and stole everything they had from black people somehow. Change just a few of a adjectives and you’re got yourself a pretty accurate description of the modern Democrat Party.

Democrats have always been what they accuse us of being. Which party contains the “sexists” who used the full power of their party’s machine, and eventually the White House and Presidency, to quell “bimbo eruptions”? Which party consists for people who call Clarence Thomas and Tim Scott “Uncle Toms”? Which party, when not smearing him, ignores the existence of Ric Grenell, the first openly gay member of any Presidential Cabinet?

You know the answers to those questions and all the rest like them.

Now we see the left, once again, exposing themselves for what they really are. When Elon Musk offered almost 10 percent more than the company is worth to buy Twitter, any normal person who owned stock would have been ecstatic at the prospect. The stock had already surged since it was reported he’d been gobbling up shares, so another 10 percent is like an unexpected Christmas bonus, especially if you’d been holding the stock for a while.

Instead, this news was greeted like a loud fart in an elevator. How could that be? It’s because Musk has threatened to institute what the left fears more than almost anything – actual free speech on a public platform.

If you’re terrified by the prospect of free speech for everyone, you’re probably a fascist. It doesn’t really matter how much “fair trade” coffee you drink or how many pictures of yourself holding up a haloed cartoon drawing of George Floyd you have in your Facebook profile photos, you are everything your virtue signaling pretends to be against. You are those mini-Nazis screaming “THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!” endlessly to prevent someone they don’t agree with from speaking without irony or self-awareness.

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