‘Futile and adolescent’: Brit Hume Diminishes Samantha Bee Over Justice Alito Rant


Samantha Bee went on some crazy rant about Roe and how pro-aborts should torment Alito wherever he goes for dinner for the rest of his life or something. Yeah, it was a sad, unhinged rant from a feckless c-word (hey, she started it) that only made people screeching about the overturning of Roe look more uninformed and unhinged.

Seriously. All SCOTUS did was put the onus around abortion at the state level.

It’s not banned.

It’s not illegal.

It’s a state issue.

Brit Hume said it far better than we can (and he dropped Samantha):

What he said.

Because they’ve spent decades tying women’s rights to abortion, in their small, angry little minds, this is taking a ‘right’ away from women. It’s not smart, it’s just why they’re freaking out. That and they’re completely uninformed, ignorant of the ruling, and have the emotional stability of a mushroom.

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