Gas Prices Exceed $4 In Every State For The First Time Ever

Washington Examiner

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Drivers nationwide can expect the highest gas prices the country has ever recorded, with average prices surpassing $4 in all 50 states and Washington, D.C., for the first time.

The national average for gas prices has hovered around $4 for the last few weeks, with stragglers Georgia, Kansas, and Oklahoma being the last few to cross the threshold this week. Oklahoma sits at the bottom with an average of $4.01 per gallon, while gas costs $4.02 in Kansas and $4.06 in Georgia, according to AAA.

The highest-ever recorded average gas price was reached Wednesday, with a national average of $4.56. Five states recorded averages over $5, including Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Alaska, and Hawaii. California is the only state so far to surpass an average of $6.

The high prices are almost a 12% increase from a month ago, when the national average was $4.087, and a 50% increase from prices this time last year at $3.043, according to AAA.

President Joe Biden has vowed to address the rising gas prices, noting it is one of the top priorities of his administration in the coming months. However, the White House is also working to address inflation, the baby formula shortage, and multiple mass shootings that are being investigated as hate crimes.

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