Glenn Loury Blasts “The Narrative in Service of Transitory Political Interests” Today

The Glenn Show

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“You don’t have to be uh left or right or anything like that to be in touch with that we cannot lose touch with that. On the other hand, that’s right, we can’t pathologize black people. That would be the way I put it. And I have used the word pathology because with the level of the violence and what’s going on, is pathological in my opinion. Although we cannot pathologize blackness, we cannot pathologize the black experience. So that point that and and we have to situate it we have to situate it within the larger forces among which our economic and political and institutional forces. We have to situate it, I’m granting all of that, but I still have a point,

We are responsible for how we live. We are responsible for how we raise our children. I’m talking about black people. We have to take responsibility for our lives. It is far too seductive to allow the narrative the story that we had used to interpret our experience to become solely and singly our victimization. This is a deep mistake. It’s a political mistake more importantly it’s a spiritual mistake. It’s an existential mistake absolutely,
absolutely, absolutely

So we cannot allow the machinations of the forces up here to uh impede our embrace of that responsibility and we cannot allow the narrative in the service of transitory political interests to obscure the responsibilities that are at stake here in our community.


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