Global Elitists’ Greatest Fear: The Freedom-Loving, Independent Thinking American… AKA, You

The Blue State Conservative

Who has made the decisions for our government and the world over the past 125 years? Certainly, their competence must be in question as the results appear to be a quagmire of indecipherability.

There are four levels of political organization that allow normal citizens to be governed easily and all are easily purchased.

  1. hired street thugs and whiners
  2. college professors and bureaucrats
  3. politicians and media
  4. financial oligarchy

Since there are four levels it is quite easy to intermingle and confuse the actual situation by addressing the incorrect group at an inappropriate interval.  This allows the creation of an indecipherable equation to continue its’ growth and propaganda until it is too late for reasonable interpretation by the average citizen.  Determining your actual entrance level to the discussion and planning organization is rather simple.  The more funds there are at your disposal, the higher your entry point into the great game.

The levels of control of the citizens by our government tightened gradually until the apogee was accomplished under dollar bill Clinton when all the switches were finally in place.  The repeal of the Glass-Steagal Act was the last hurdle.  Financial decisions for the world now originated on Wall Street using your capital and labor futures as collateral.  All that remained was to place the appropriate puppet into the forum and let her rip!

Unfortunately for those behind the curtain, there have been too many opportunities to screw up.  The program of “educating” the ordinary citizens has required more time than anticipated thereby exposing the mediocrity endemic within the system.  It must be frustrating for the board of directors.

There are huge numbers of variables that enter into an equation of the concept of world oligarchy and this of course creates a more random outcome than any plan could anticipate.  One of the largest difficulties in creating this organization has been the European resentment towards the US for the bypassing of our self-appointed social superiors in world decision-making for the past 90 years.  To say they are condescending towards us is an understatement.  Unfortunately, time and again their own incompetence has proven to be their own worst enemy.  Now is the moment when the piper demands to be paid for the errors of the “elite”.

The ultimate enemy of the world clique has been the independent US citizen who has yet to learn his place, unlike his Euro-peon brethren.  He was recently represented by the boorish Yankee Trump and thus easily ignored or ridiculed.  Unfortunately, his analysis was correct.  There are enough armed citizens in the US to inhibit the world socialist state that is currently residing on the drawing boards in London and New York. That added to the uprisings across the globe may be cause for a retreat for a current march towards a western-based world government.

Even during this period of global disaster, enough ordinary brave, and intelligent citizens remain to repel the insidious creep of the globalist monarchy. The regimes in place currently that have succumbed to the Global reset program and suffering its’ effects are an interesting group.  They are not who you might imagine.  Sri Lanka, Ghana,  Netherlands, Germany, Poland, and Canada, have begun the transition to population control by starvation, injections, and the intermingling of cultures and populations.  The results are predictable yet surprising to the group that has organized and planned the new system.  Rebellion in the streets was not part of the grand design which was the old “I’ll only put it part way in” game.

Bankruptcy of the Belt and Road system timed with a real estate disaster in China has been cause for hesitation in the one world set.  That added to changes in the world trade/financial system brought on by the Ukraine war has allowed a much larger Russian seat at the table.  Bringing Russia and China together on the Petro ruble has crumbled the US/EU foundations of the world order.  It appears that Europe will soon be bypassed and thrown to the dungheap of history.  This certainly was not the plan in New York and London when the WEF was created. This was predicted on this sheet years ago but has arrived at an alarming rate.

It will be interesting to see if the mediocrity in charge will be able to pull a rabbit from the hat.

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