‘Go Back To Your Sex Strike’: Rep. Boebert Responds To Joy Behar Criticizing Her ‘Obscene’ Gun-Filled Family

Daily Caller

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Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert responded to “The View” host Joy Behar on Twitter after the daytime talkshow host posted a photograph of Boebert with her four sons under a caption.
“This is obscene,” Behar wrote Monday over a photograph of Boebert and her four sons, all of whom were holding various firearms. In response, Boebert responded, “Joy-less, we know you hate America. Go back to your sex strike.”

The image of Boebert was part of her family Christmas photograph from 2021, which Behar publicly attacked on “The View” at the time, according to The Wrap.

Behar used the image again to protest guns after the mass shooting in Buffalo on Saturday. A man, who described himself as a “left-wing authoritarian,” shot and killed 10 people and injured 3 more at a supermarket in a predominantly black neighborhood. Behar did not tag Boebert in the image or post.

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