‘Good Morning America’ Issues Correction On Supreme Court Tweet After Backlash and Mockery

Daily Wire

ABC News’ “Good Morning America” was forced to issue a correction Thursday afternoon after they falsely claimed that Ketanji Brown Jackson was the first black person to be sworn in as a Supreme Court justice.

“Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn is as the first black Supreme Court justice in U.S. history,” the show tweeted.

The first black Supreme Court justice was Thurgood Marshall, who joined the Court in 1967. The second black Supreme Court justice was Clarence Thomas, who still serves on the Court.

“CORRECTION: Video shows Ketanji Brown Jackson sworn in as the first Black female Supreme Court justice in U.S. history,” the show later said in a separate tweet. “A previous tweet erroneously stated Jackson is the first Black Supreme Court justice.”

The tweet generated widespread backlash and mockery online, including the following notable responses:

  • Mike Cernovich, political commentator: “The left’s racism means they don’t consider conservatives such as Justice Thomas as black, and their historical ignorance means they don’t know who Thurgood Marshall was.”
  • Ed Morrissey, Hot Air: “Clarence Thomas and the ghost of Thurgood Marshall say hi, @GMA. Layers of fact checkers and editors.”
  • Liz Wolfe, Reason: “lol how have they left this completely wrong tweet up for four whole hours?”
  • Vernon Jones, former political candidate: “This is how far liberals and the liberal media will go to lie about Black History! She’s not the first Black #SCOTU. Can you imagine how many lies they have told and people believed it? Where are fact checkers when you need them? @GMA”
  • Steve Herman, VOA News: “Only if you ignore Thurgood Marshall and Clarence Thomas.”
  • Sean Davis, The Federalist: “I guess Clarence Thomas and Thurgood Marshall aren’t black enough for the woke white interns at Good Morning America.”
  • Frank Fleming, The Daily Wire: “They probably meant to say ‘first black woman’ and then realized they never had a biologist confirm that.”

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