GOP Accuses Schiff: ‘Stephen Colbert’s producers just committed insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.’

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You’ve probably heard by now that several crew members of Stephen Colbert’s Late Show were arrested while unlawfully being inside the Capitol after hours and without authorization. And House Republicans have decided to have a little fun with the transgression.

The Capitol Police are not amused, and while the trespassers won’t be prosecuted for insurrection, how about “unlawful entry,” as several hundred Jan. 6 rioters are being charged with and are still in jail?

Capitol police said they were changed with “unlawful entry” and that “this is an active criminal investigation, and may result in additional criminal charges after consultation with the US Attorney,” Fox News reported.

Some conservatives online were quick to draw comparisons to the Jan. 6 riot itself. Fox News host Tucker Carlson noted many of those who stormed the Capitol that day had themselves been charged with unlawful entry, and are now facing serious jail time.

“Stephen Colbert’s producers just committed insurrection at the US Capitol,” he said.

Fox News Congressional Correspondent Chad Pergram says the Colbert staffers were lurking around the Cannon Office Building but were told to leave for not having the proper credentials.

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