Got Something Better To Do Joe? Checks His Watch As Fallen Heroes Are Honored [VIDEO]

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President Joe Biden has been under heavy fire for the disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan and critics turned up the heat another few notches in the aftermath of an inconceivable display of cluelessness on his part when he showed up at a ceremony to honor the 13 military members who were killed by a terrorist suicide bomber.

On Sunday, the fallen heroes arrived back home in flag-draped caskets thanks to the administration’s spectacularly inept evacuation from Kabul that turned deadly last week when the blast ripped through an area outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport, a bloody exclamation point on a foreign policy failure what will reverberate for decades.

Biden met with the families of those military members whose young lives were tragically cut short as a result of his own incompetence but was soon engulfed by a firestorm of criticism when, during the “dignified transfer” at Dover Air Force Base as troops unloaded the sad cargo from a transport plane, he appeared to glance at his watch to check the time, an unconscionable gesture of disrespect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice in service to their country.

The horrendously bad optics of the “leader” of the free world appearing to have better things to do than to pay tribute to the war dead is one that likely had Biden’s handlers screaming at the sky after yet another unforced error by the big guy.

Biden was joined by his wife Dr. Jill Biden along with the disgraced top Pentagon brass, including Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin whose priorities of “woke” virtue signaling distracted them from their true mission with deadly consequences.

And people noticed:

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