Greg Gutfeld: With Joe Biden, the left pulled off one of the greatest ‘bait and switches’ in political history [VIDEO]


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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld weighs in on President Joe Biden reportedly being frustrated with his staff at the White House and their efforts to “walk back” the president’s gaffes on “The Five.”

GREG GUTFELD: Here’s Joe, just like new, except he’s a moderate, just like old Joe, he’s great for road trips and unifying, and then it turns out everything was a con job. The irony of this whole thing is that Trump got blamed for being a salesman, right? When basically all he was trying to do was sell himself. And then when he became president, sell America to the world. That was his job. Biden was the sale of the century, a con job orchestrated by the far left in order to get him in, so they could fill him with their progressive agenda. It’s probably one of the greatest bait and switches in political history, and we’re alive to see it.

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