Gutfeld and Tucker Gloat Over Avenatti’s Sentencing For Stealing From Stormy [VIDEO]

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This week has been a big one for high-profile trial verdicts.

First, there was Amber Heard’s big loss in Johnny Depp’s defamation lawsuit. Then, on Thursday, came news that onetime celebrity lawyer Michael Avenatti was sentenced to four years in prison for stealing money from his client, former porn star and alleged Trump mistress Stormy Daniels.

And Tucker Carlson, who calls Avenatti a “creepy porn lawyer,” couldn’t resist expressing his satisfaction with the verdict. He’s even selling a “Creepy Porn Lawyer Mug,” which depicts Avenatti in orange prison garb, on his website.

Daniels accused Avenatti of plundering hundreds of thousands of dollars from her, and on Thursday the jury agreed, slapping the shyster with a sentence that will be at least partially served concurrently with another sentence he received for an extortion attempt against Nike. And that doesn’t even include a pending retrial over further accusations that he defrauded various clients of millions of dollars in California.

Avenatti’s been a busy little boy

“I’ve brought embarrassment and ridicule upon myself and innocent third parties, including my family, my children, my friends and the legal profession,” Avenatti told US District Judge Jesse Furman prior to his sentencing. “I have destroyed my career, my relationships and my reputation and done collateral damage to my family and my life. There is serious doubt as to how or if I will recover any semblance of a normal life…”

Carlson had his own thoughts about Avenatti’s sentencing.

“We try never to gloat over other people’s misfortune,” he said on Thursday night’s program. “It’s un-Christian and bad karma, all the world religions are against it. But on this night, when the creepy porn lawyer will be spending officially four years off of CNN, we were thinking back to a time we interviewed him on the set—one of the creepiest experiences we ever had. Here’s what it looked like.”

“That man was going to be the Democratic nominee for president,” he said, after airing the clip. “Not anymore.”

“But he can have coffee with you every morning,” Carlson assured his audience with a smile, whereupon he directed his viewers to purchase the “Creepy Porn Lawyer Mug”—which, it almost goes without saying, is a handsome addition to every coffee-lover’s collection of coffee-related paraphernalia.

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