Gutfeld! Ratings: King Of Late Night TV Crushes Colbert, Kimmel [VIDEO]

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The late night comedy scene has a new king of laughs, with Greg Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! unseating Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show in total viewership.

Fox News’ right-leaning Gutfeld! also attracted the most pairs of eyes in the sought-after 25 to 54 age demographic category.

The network’s gamble to compete with the likes of CBS’s Late Show and the Tonight Show With Jimmy Kimmel might have seemed risky, but viewership indicates the gamble is paying off.

Tuesday’s episode of Gutfeld!, which aired 11pm EST, drew in about 2.12 million viewers, with about 434,000 people belonging to the key age demographic.

Colbert’s 11.35pm audience of about 1.9 million placed a not-so-distant second, drawing in 423,000 people in the target demographic.

Gutfeld!, which debuted April 5, is hosted by the long-time television personality and Fox News host who previously unleashed some scathing criticism of his comedic competitors.

‘If you cannot tell the other late night shows apart, join the club,’ Gutfeld said when announcing the launch of his weekday show.

‘They’re as bland as string cheese and not nearly as appetizing. It’s the same jokes, the same assumptions, probably the same writers, all reading the same columns from the same hacks in the New York Times.’

In Tuesday night’s monologue Gutfeld fired off jokes about the Taliban’s promise of taking a gentler approach to the Afghans.

‘They aren’t an enlightened bunch,’ he said of the Taliban. ‘Not only are not only stuck in the dark ages. They prefer everyone else join them there.

‘Their idea of women’s rights is letting her air out her burka once a year. However, we’ve been told by the press this is a “kinder, gentler Taliban.” What does that mean? They only partially behead you? They only throw gays out an eight-story window, not a 12-story one?’

His guests included former Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill, political editor Guy Benson, Fox News contributor Kat Timpf, and Washington Times opinion editor Charlie Hurt, who Gutfeld quipped ‘has been a guest more often than Hunter Biden on a crack pipe’.

NBC’s the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, which also airs at 11.35pm, attracted about 1.22 million people, including 354,000 in the aforementioned age group.

Late night shake-up: The night Gutfeld unseated Colbert

Below are the late-night rankings for August 17, when Greg Gutfeld’s Gutfeld! unseated Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show:

Gutfeld!: 2.12 million viewers

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert:  1.9 million viewers

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Falon: 1.22 million viewers

The Eleventh Hour With Brian Williams: 1.12 million viewers

Don Lemon Tonight: 570,000

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