‘He Wanted Me To Beat Him Up’: Abimbola Osundairo Delivers Explosive Testimony In Day Three Of Jussie Smollett Trial

The Daily Caller

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Abimbola Osundairo admitted to helping Jussie Smollett with orchestrating the alleged fraudulent attack as he took the witness stand on day three of the trial.

During day two of the Smollett trial, a pivotal text between Smollet and Abimbola had surfaced for the first time. According to Abimbola, the two brothers had planned to leave for Nigeria after the text message had been sent.

In his testimony Wednesday, Abimbola explained how he had allegedly met up with Smollett at Cinespace Studios. Abimbola and Smollett then went for a drive while Smollett allegedly expressed disapproval for the way the studio had handled the offensive letter he’d received. “Then he proceeded to tell me he wanted me to beat him up,” Abimbola testified.

“I was confused, I looked puzzled, and then he explained that he wanted me to fake beat him up,” Abimbola claimed. “He told me that we would need another person to fake beat him up and he mentioned could my brother do it? I said yes.”

Abimbola expressed how he felt an obligation to help Smollett because of his role in helping him land a role on “Empire” and that he could help Abimbola progress in his acting career.

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